Famagusta Holiday Rentals is a collaboration of holiday property owners wishing to advertise their holiday rentals in the Famagusta area of North Cyprus. You will find here a number of holiday rentals available, at affordable prices, for an unforgettable holiday on this lovely island of Cyprus.


Here you will find a number of properties in the Old City Famagusta and also in the Palm Beach area. The Old City has recently been placed on the World Monuments Fund List of endangered sites and today stand as an outdoor museum with so much historical interest and is a beautiful relaxing backdrop to the main shopping area.

All our properties offer a unique experience away from the usual crowded, resort type complexes.  Those properties in the Famagusta’s Old City, which is a walled city, whose stone fortifications shelter a maze of streets and historic buildings.  Here, bartenders pour Turkish lager in a church built by the Knights Templar, and tourists sip cocktails in a building that was once an Ottoman bath. And at the heart of the city is the magnificent Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, which glows in the warm afternoon sunlight and opposite are the ruins of a Venetian palace.


The Famagusta region takes in the East coastline of beaches which are considered some of the best beaches on the island. This area also includes a number of major historical sites for example, Salamis Ruins and St Barnabas Monastery.  We also offer a villa in this area.


Famagusta  is a bustling vibrant university city.  Recent developments include new supermarkets, cinemas, hotels and restaurants and a new shopping mall. The city is growing in terms of tourism and is now attracting tourists from all over the world.