Infrastructure and Cultural Development

There are some 7,000 km of roads in the country, about two-thirds of them paved.  There have been further upgrades since the 1980 improvements to the road from Nicosia to Kyrenia , with financial aid from Turkey. These improvements have included a new dual carriageway between Nicosia and the Ercan Airport and the main Famagusta-Nicosia road both enlarged and upgraded. Under the Western Roads programme, the Nicosia-Güzelyurt (Morphou) road has been upgraded, and currently the Ministry of Transport is upgrading and enlarging the Famagusta-Karpaz road, under the Eastern Roads programme.


During the years of 2004 to 2014 supported by the European Union ‘Upgrading of local and Urban Infrastructure’ Project there have been a number of infrastructure improvements.  The project was established to promote environmental awareness of sustainable development and has been key to the revitalisation of many of the important historical and cultural sites on the island, the projects aim was not only to improve the living conditions of its citizens but has provided sustainable access to water and a modernised waste collection system.  Overall the project has made the cities more attractive, preserving the cultural heritage and boosting the economy for local workers. The project has also enhanced the on-going rehabilitation process by unlocking the social potential of the renovated areas/buildings, so that they are better managed and utilised by the local communities.  Through the projects different groups have also been empowered including the elderly, women and the youth.  To see further information about the projects that have been undertaken in Famagusta, check out my Famagusta Facelift blog here.


In the Famagusta area particularly there are continual improvements being implemented including upgrading the pedestrian pavements, pedestrianising the walkways with original stones and illumination of roads, pavements and walls. Work is continuing to entrench the electricity and telecommunication cables.