Restaurant Guide

North Cyprus has numerous restaurants and cafés for you to eat in and no matter what you like, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you want something quick and cheap, standard, traditional or the more finer foods, you will definitely find something to suit your taste.  


You will find that the dishes are homemade and the service more personal in the smaller restaurants. Cypriots normally start their meals with a meze starter. This consists of a number of small dishes either cold or hot, such as dips, grilled hellim, sigara borek, stuffed vine leaves, salads, meats and many more. Your bread basket will be replenished regularly, and with so many delicious dishes, it will be hard not to fill yourself up before your main course is even bought out to you.


The meze is eaten as a starter, although can also be ordered as a main meal. For your main meal you will find a choice of traditional Cypriot dishes such as a variety of different kebabs, Mousakka, fırın kebab (lamb in the oven) and more. You will find a wide selection of desserts with some of the most popular being Baklava, Muhallebi, and Sütlaç.


If you eat in one of the smaller restaurants then don’t be surprised if you are talking to the owner and getting on well, that they will sit down and have a drink with you at the end of your meal. You will go away feeling as though you have made a new friend. Fruit is also eaten a lot as there are numerous orchards and fruit is grown on the island in abundance.


There is a wide variety of restaurants both in the Old City as well as in the new city.  Those in the Old City are mostly located around the Namık Kemal Square. In the new city, most restaurants and bars are located on the "Salamis Road", heading from the monument at the entrance to the city towards Salamis.