Aya Trias Basilica

Aya Trias Basilica is located a few hundred meters off the coast road, to the north of the village of Sipahi.  Built at the start of the 6th century, the basilica was destroyed during the Arab raids of the 7th century. It was then abandoned, and a small church and other buildings were built to the south.  These buildings in turn were abandoned and destroyed around the 9th century. All memory of the basilica disappeared, until it was rediscovered by chance in 1957, when it was partially excavated.

Recent ronavation works (2017) have included the cleaning and stabilisation of the mosaics from biological crust.  They will now be buried to protect them from winter rains and during works, and then uncovered at completion of the works. Another ongoing beautiful project of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, funded by the European Union 🇪🇺.

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