The Karpaz Peninsular

Photo credit - Andreas Fterakides
Photo credit - Andreas Fterakides

The Karpaz is a particular area of focus for tourist wishing to experience the beauty of Cyprus. The Karpaz is famous for it’s turtle nesting shores and wild donkey’s. The Karpaz recently joined the Natura-2000 which is now part of the largest coordinated network of protected areas in Europe.  Natura-2000 is a network of core breeding and resting sites for rare and threatened species and rare natural habitats for protection. The onus is being placed on the government to ensure the Karpaz is managed in a sustainable manner, both ecologically and economically.

At the tip of the island you will find the famous golden beach which is one of the top best beaches in the world; it stretches 2 km along the Karpaz Peninsula with its clear blue water and golden sandy shoreline. All along Golden Beach you will have the captivating opportunity of walking bare footed for kilometres and refreshing yourself by taking a dive into the cool blue waters.



Apostolic Andreas Monastery